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Making a movie in Korea

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Wilson wanted more than to write a Master's thesis. He wanted to experience it. The Korean War was his topic. When he found out a movie was being made on that war, he dropped his studies to fly to Korea to be in it. As an extra he soon became established as a stunt man and then an actor with bit parts. But the biggest thrill was meeting Sandra, a fellow Texan. She was gorgeous and loved academics as much as he. She joined him in the movie. And the story gets juicy.

Brahm's Symphony Number 4 in E Minor

        The Four Seasons

               Love Rain

Ghostriders In The Sky

Hobo Bill's Meditation


That'll Be The Day

I'm, Left, You're Right, She's Gone

The Streets Of Laredo

Morningtown Ride

Home On The Range

The Movie About Pusan


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