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New Mexico in the ruggedness
      The Kerr Construction Company

A Marine veteran looks to find himself after the Vietnam War. He wants something different than the rest of his generation wants. Gallup, New Mexico is different. Exotic, but challenging. He gets a job in construction for minimum wage. Navajo Indians from the reservation and illegals from Mexico are his companions. He admires the challenge of hardship. Then he meets Carmen with her own past. Chemistry. They find things in their search together. Things they didn't know they knew.


Drama and terror in Lebanon
My Journey Into The Oncoming Holocaust


It's a long way from Texas to the Middle East. But when Olivia's husband Max sees his American Dream flounder in the post-911 world, she follows him back to his home in Lebanon. Just in time for the Arab Spring.


Philippines in the Peace Corps
I Will Be The One

There is political turmoil in The Philippines during the last years of the Marcos regime in the mid-1980s. And America is embroiled in Cold War intrigue as a part of it. A Marine veteran is restless. He joined to serve before and still needs fulfillment. He joins the Peace Corps. Little did he know what lay in store with his assignment to The Philippines as a volunteer. And little did he know the life he would share with his new friend Lois in the process.


Set in the Lake District of England
Seeing Gail Again


Jericho is a Marine fresh from  Vietnam who must now fight the war at home during the anti-war Age of Aquarius. To get away he sets off for the most tranquil place on earth, the Lake District of England. As if waiting on him is Gail, seemingly linked to him as her Prince Charming. They find peace and depth of love until the Yom Kippur War breaks out in the Middle East pushing Jericho to seek his Jewish identity in Israel's cause. Years later they come to grips with the destiny still calling them that was never fulfilled.


Overland to India from Vienna
Overland On The Hippie Trail


The one thing Hunter liked about hippies was the lure of the road. The Hippie Trail came about after The Beatles brought the mystique of India into the pop culture of the Age of Aquarius. Hunter was game for this overland trek. While getting his visas in Vienna for the countries that lay on his path, he meets Ewa, the daughter of a Communist Poland elite. She gets her embassy to attain the visas needed to go with Hunter. But Cold War reality made falling in love harder than anything they faced in their adventures together.

Love in San Diego
Rendezvous With Fay

Fay made everything seem easy. Life, living together, happiness. And love. Dutch knew he loved her as she did him. Texas seemed far away now. Home was with Fay in San Diego

Adventure in Taiwan
I Will Survive

Elon loved traveling the world. The complexity of being a Marine from Texas and of the sixties generation stirred a curiosity that led him to Taiwan, a small Chinese island in the Pacific. A country with a language he would never understand and with an exotic culture, where he found himself needing a job while surviving a near-death experience. Though life of this flavor fit the bill for his adventurous spirit. For security was too confining. But nothing enticed him like meeting Brigitte, the Belgian model, herself a survivor. Their experiences together seemed a destiny. "I will survive" was the life they took for granted together.

Making a movie in Korea
The Movie About Pusan

Writing his Master’s thesis, Wilson hears of a movie about America’s role in the Korean War. He knows people who fought in that war. It’s more than history to him—it’s personal. As an extra, he’ll have a view of what happened. Sandra, a fellow Texan, meets Wilson on the flight from Dallas to Seoul. With her good looks and academic interests, she becomes a friend, and romance develops as they angle for bit parts in the movie. But when the shoot is over, can they go their separate ways again?

Love and adventure in Texas
Starry Starry Night

Two restless backpackers wanting to experience the world get sidetracked by one another. Nathan and Michaela were babyboomers. There was a world out there the jetset made available. But then they fell in love. A deep romantic love that interfered with  separate plans and separate dreams. Complicated even more by  Nathan being from Texas and Michaela from Germany. How could the pull of their devotion to each other find a way in two  different and demanding directions. Dreams that would not compromise. But alas, love indeed finds a way.

A ghost is trapped in a Southenr mansion. A beautiful girl helps him find peace.
A World Without Love

A former homecoming queen and cheerleader was murdered in a Louisiana mansion a week after she married the local football hero and decorated Vietnam War veteran. Her husband, the war hero, was so grief stricken that he took his own life days later. For forty years something has been protecting the sacredness of the master bedroom where the murder/suicide took place. Lisa learned to leave the master bedroom alone. But she had to satisfy herself about this legend. Who

indeed was haunting her new home?

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