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Philippines in the 1980s

This is a fictionalized account of my experiences in the Philippines leading up to and the aftermath of the People's Power revolution there that resulted in the overthrow of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos. I had been around the world, been in the Marines, been in the Yom Kippor War in Israel, been in a Hollywood movie with Sir Laurence Olivier, and could not make myself settle down after getting my Master's degree in economics. I joined the Peace Corps hoping to do something useful and unique in my life that might lead to a job in an exotic place. In the meantime there was political turmoil and Cold War intrigue waiting for me and my Peace Corps Volunteer companion. The fact that she was as restless and idealistic as me created a symmetry for adventure and romance.

JFK speech in background

KAMU interview with author in background

KAMU interview with author

From Chapter 3

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