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I Will Survive
Elon, a former Marine from Texas, made his way to find adventure in the disposed and now shunned island country of Taiwan. Which suited his disregard for security just fine. In the process, he met a Belgian model, Brigitte, which suited him even more.
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My Journey Into The Oncoming Holocaust
After 911 everything changed. Not just in America, but everywhere. Not only did Max find being an Arab-American difficult in Texas, but his new Christian and Texan bride Olivia did even more so when they moved to the Middle East. Hello Arab Spring. But it got worse. Hello ISIS. Was this the end of times?

This is a fictionalized account of my experiences in the Philippines leading up to and the aftermath of the People's Power revolution there that resulted in the overthrow of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos. I had been around the world, been in the Marines, been in the Yom Kippor War in Israel, been in a Hollywood movie with Sir Laurence Olivier, and could not make myself settle down after getting my Master's degree in economics. I joined the Peace Corps hoping to do something useful and unique in my life that might lead to a job in an exotic place. In the meantime there was political turmoil and Cold War intrigue waiting for me and my Peace Corps Volunteer companion. The fact that she was as restless and idealistic as me created a symmetry for adventure and romance.

I Will Be The One

The Kerr Construction Company
Dalhart McIlhenny wants something different in his life. Gallup, New Mexico was different. Then he meets Carmen.
Seeing Gail Again
A Vietnam vet needs to get away from the anti-war America he came home to. He stumbles upon a Shangri-la he never imagined existed in the English Lake District near the Scottish border. And upon a soulful English girl looking for someone like him.

Rendezvous With Fay

 It was a long drive back to Texas, but Dutch had one more stop to make, to see Fay in San Diego and relive the good days they’d all had during their stay in Frankfurt in the early 1970s.

Check back soon
Once posts are published, you’ll see them here.
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